About US

Eagle New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (MP Eagle) is a clear leader in high output ,high efficency LED lights for harsh environments.Our expertise includes explosion-proof and Hazardous location lighting as well as permanet and portable lighting solution for applications in marine and industrial settings.

Driven by the continous decline in global pricing and the continuous quest for improvement in quality ,MP Eagle will continously strive to provide our customers with both high optical output ,low energy consumption,and the most cost-effectivepremium products.

What we do?

Our LED hazardous industrial lighting  products and solutions are involved in :

  • Explosion-Proof Lights
  • Corrosion Resistant Luminaries (for marine use)
  • Emergency Lights
  • Hunting and Fishing Lights
  • Construction, Trucking, and Mining Lights
  • High-Power Modular Stadium Lights

All developed and tested by MP Eagle engineers team  and manufactured in accordance with relevant quality environmental standards. 



Keep across the world in supplying of safe, healthy , innovation and environmentally Led lights, to be more connected.

Forward-looking and customer-focused,Help partners create and maintain a competitive advantage.

 They are part of a shared vision that keeps us grounded as a lighting company, moving forward together even as the industries we serve continue to shift and transform.


MP Eagle Will keep on supplying defined market segments with preferred lighting solution.we will create a reliable and comfortable light environment free from pollution for all those who work in harsh environments.

To be a leader in the hazardous environment industry, providing innovative, reliable and high quality illumination products and services for global safety solution needs.